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Sep 27

We love our clients; they’re the milk to our honey, butter to our bread. We do our very best and more to ensure you walk out of the Milk & Honey Remedial Massage studio relaxed, clear-minded and soothed. Which is why we appreciate all the lovely reviews we’ve received on our remedial massage therapy over the years on Facebook, TrueLocal and Google+.

Word of mouth drives our little business so we’re grateful for every single one – good or bad. Certainly we love the good ones more, but any and all feedback help us improve our craft, right here in Melbourne. Here are what some of our clients are saying about Milk & Honey Remedial massage:

WynonaValdez @ TrueLocal

“The absolute best massages I have ever had in my entire life. I have been getting massages almost every week for the past 5 years due to my scoliosis but Josephine at Milk & Honey is beyond a miracle worker and has done more for me in a couple of sessions than a chiropractor, physiotherapist and other masseuses have done over a much longer period of time. It is incredibly affordable, the booking system online is super easy to navigate and you’re able to claim back on your health insurance on the spot! Every little detail has been thought through from the beautiful decor to the white tea on arrival and the cutest loyalty cards. It’s a complete personalised experience – your massage is never the same, it’s tweeked to how you’re feeling that week and the nasty little knots they can find. Some how Josephine is able to find where it hurts where I didn’t even know existed and apply the perfect amount of pressure on each part without even having to ask! It’s a truly relaxing experience – and how many people can say that they’ve had a relaxing remedial massage? When I leave I feel like I should’ve have paid hundreds of dollars for the experience – because it’s not just a massage it is truly an experience and I have certainly paid hundreds of dollars for massages that don’t even come close to the luxury and outcome I received at Milk & Honey. I would highly recommend Milk & Honey and if you haven’t been to see them yet you have not had the best massage in Melbourne.” @ TrueLocal

“Amazing melt-you-into a puddle of butter massages. Best I’ve had in Melbourne City by leaps and bounds! Thank you Katie.”


Alexis Barrett @ Google

“Fabulous and perfectly balanced remedial massage. I cannot speak highly enough of the whole service, the rooms are beautiful and the attention to detail from start to finish made the whole experience feel very personalised and was highly enjoyable. Thank you to the lovely Caroline for a great treatment, I will most definitely be back!”


FreakSpeely28 @ Google

“Can’t speak highly enough of this establishment or it’s staff. I suffered a shattered pelvis a few years ago and have endured ever recurring pain in this region thanks, in part to an active work environment.
Lori at Milk & Honey, after a simple discussion about my injuries was able to devise a treatment that has given me almost immediate relief. It was made clear to me from the outset that the treatment would need to be continued and I can think of no better way than in this setting. The aromas used are soothing, the audio stimulus making you quickly at ease and the perfect mix of pressure and a gentle manipulation make my time here usually my favorite for the week.
I would recommend Milk & Honey to anyone with remedial needs as well as those just looking to relax and spoil themselves.
I am always looking forward to my next visit.”


Νικήτας Αγγέλα Αυγ @ Facebook

“My wife and I have been to Milk & Honey a combined 50+ times in the last two years. We love going to Milk & Honey as often as possible as we truly love their quality of massage and their true professionalism. Nothing beats starting or ending the week with a truly healing and revitalising massage. Where we once lived only a short stroll away, we now live on the other side of town, but we will always make time to head over to West Melbourne to experience what can only be described as ‘The Best Massage in Melbourne’.”


If you have any feedback on how we can further improve our massage therapy service, feel free to let any one of our lovely massage therapists know. Or, if you’d like to leave us a review telling the world of your experience at Milk & Honey Remedial Massage, we’d totally appreciate it.


You can leave reviews at any of the links below:


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Write a review for Milk & Honey Remedial Massage on TrueLocal


Write a review for Milk & Honey Remedial Massage on Google


Hope to see you soon!


m&h x

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Masha : Nov 2015
Indulged in an 1.5 hour remedial massage at Milk & Honey (on Sunday!) and had the most amazing experience!
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Renee : Oct 2015
OH WOW!!! I have to say my massage at Milk & Honey has to be one of the best massages I ever had and I get massages all the time.
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Andrew : Aug 2015
Amazing! Feel like a million dollars.
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