Milk & Honey’s Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From The Heart

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May 05

Mother’s Day has come around again and we were inspired by this awesome viral video advertising the #worldstoughestjob to compile at list of some of our fav ideas for gifts to tell Mum that she is appreciated.

Heck, you don’t even have to wait until Mother’s Day to show Mum some love, do it any day of the year – just make sure you do it!

We’re fans of experiences and personalised gifts so you’ll see a common theme in our list. Here goes…in no particular order:

1. Massage Treatment
Yes, we have to do it – it’s an m&h complied list! Treat Mum to a relaxation or remedial massage session with Milk & Honey Remedial Massage – she’ll absolutely love it. To make it extra special, have one with her at the same time. Book a massage session now.


2. Breakfast in Bed
Remember making Mum or Dad breakfast in bed on those special days? Do it again, but since you’ve had more years of experience since then, do it better! Starting from finding a cute tray to centre the breakfast on to food, beverage, flowers and crossword puzzles, you’ll find it in this guide.

3. Weekend Getaway

Take Mum on a weekend getaway that she’s bound to remember for years. Whisk her away to a spa retreat or a warm lodge close to nature. Put some thought into what she would enjoy and you’ll make some long-lasting memories.


4. Unconventional DIY Flower Ideas
Instead of giving Mum the standard flower bouquet put a little more thought into it by making something yourself, like this DIY Hanging Succulent Planter or an edible tulip ice-cream bowl.

5. Cleaner for a Year
Give your mum a break and get her a cleaner for the year so she can get out a enjoy life. This gift is a little hefty in price so share this one with the siblings.

6. Photo Frame
Yes, that’s right – a photo frame. Mums love them, really they do. However, instead of running out to your closest giftware store and picking up the first photo frame that says ‘Cool Mum’, try adding your own personal touch by making it. Here are some cute DIY frame ideas or choose a special moment and design your own bespoke scarf so Mum can keep it close to her.


7. Homemade Chocolates
Try having a go at making chocolates for mum from scratch. Here are some awesome chocolate recipes that will make your mum feel warm, fuzzy and sweet.

8. Tick Something Off Mum’s Bucket List
There’s bound to be something that your mother has wanted to do but hasn’t had a chance to get around to doing yet. Do some digging around, find out what it is and get to it! Whether it’s going for a hot air balloon ride to learning the salsa, make it an experience for the two of you to do together.

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