How massage therapy can help your health

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Apr 26

So we’ve talked a little bit about the benefits of massage already, especially from a holistic point of view but what are the real benefits that massage can have on your health?

Nearly every system of the body is positively affected by massage, either directly or indirectly. Here’s a break-down of how your body and health can benefit from the effects of massage or a regular massage treatment plan.

Muscular System
This is one of the most commonly known benefits of massage. Specific massage movements help relax and stretch muscles, reducing muscular tension and cramp. Massage also makes muscles more flexible by reducing muscle tone. Fatigued muscles that are tired by exercise are more quickly restored by massage than by rest. Working a remedial massage therapy plan into your fitness plan is a good idea especially if it’s a rigorous regime where you may not be able to give the recovery time needed by your muscles.

Skeletal System
Massage has an indirect effect on your bones. Improved circulation of blood provides oxygen and nutrients to the bones. Massage can help reduce joint stiffness and pain, and the more flexible your muscles become the more joint movement increases.

Digestive System
Massage aids relaxation and therefore can help to increase the movement of food and waste products through the digestive system.

Nervous System
Relaxation massages can offer relief from nervous irritability and stress-related conditions such as insomnia and tension headaches. Find how more about how massage therapy can help reduce headaches and migranes. Massage can relieve lethargy and fatigue when used energetically to stimulate.

Circulation System
Massage therapy helps improve the flow of blood, which can help poor blood circulation. This is especially useful for anyone who is immobile or elderly people. It’s also a good idea to have a massage session before and after a long flight. Not only will it help with blood circulation but reduce muscular tension.

Respiratory System
As you become more relaxed during a massage, your breathing becomes slower and deeper as you begin to use your diaphragm for breathing and as a result expending less energy.

Lymphatic System
Gentle massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which helps to clear the body of a build-up of waste products. The relaxing effect of massage therapy helps relieve stress, which in turn can boost the immune system, especially during winter months.

Female Reproductive System
The relaxing effects of massage can help alleviate female menstrual problems such as period pains and PMS, as well as menopausal symptoms. If you’re less inclined to use medication to manage menstrual pain then massage therapy may be an option for you.

Urinary System
Waste products that have been released during a massage session can find their way via the blood to the kidneys where they may be filtered out and eliminated.

There you have it. The comprehensive guide to how massage is good for your health. Now you have no excuses. Book yourself in for a remedial massage session today 🙂

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